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Material Handling Advantage

An advantage of working with STEVENS is the single source solution we provide our clients. Through out alliances with various equipment suppliers and in conjunction with our engineering specialists, we are able to provide our clients the most cost effective answer to any material-handling problem, while our construction team delivers the result. 

Construction Engineers Get Results

After our engineering professionals design the proper equipment process to address your problem, our construction services professionals are able to build the system to meet operational specifications. A single engineering and construction source is used and an effective finished project is the result.

Material Handling Problems Solved

The STEVENS team of engineers addresses material handling problems for numerous clients. We determine what your unique needs are and use our expertise with various industries to assure that the equipment designed meets the necessary specifications required for the process. No two problems are identical and each client’s project is custom designed to produce the most cost effective solution for the customer.

The STEVENS difference

•    Decades of experience
Nationally recognized
Top 50 power industry
Comprehensive design-
    build services
Collaborative project
    commitment to safety
    and quality








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