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Our safety record is no accident.

STEVENS firmly believes that actions speak louder than words. Maintaining a protected work environment requires a major commitment to both policy and procedure.
We begin each project with a thorough analysis to evaluate and record anticipated safety challenges. As our field safety supervisors develop work plans to address the problem areas of each assignment, solutions are put in place. When work progresses, flagged issues are constantly monitored and reevaluated to ensure the correct measure of safety preparedness.
To uphold our commitment to safety, we’ve refined CII zero safety methodologies into project-specific best practices, and use them on every project. We deliver on our quality commitment by using applicable Construction Quality Program (CQP) requirements, ensuring compliance with your specifications as well as industry standards. To make sure we meet time and cost requirements, we use scalable Critical Path Method (CPM) planning solutions, advanced Oracle systems, and Earned Value Management (EVM) practices to deliver more accurate forecasting and tracking. Our cost controls are driven by a Total Cost Management (TCM) methodology that combines detailed cost and quantity budgets. By comparing TCM data to scheduling data, we can maximize cost visibility throughout the entire project lifecycle.
  •   Safety training is an ongoing process within each business unit
  •   Supervisory field personnel attend mandatory and frequent training
  •   Monthly safety audits are performed by corporate officials
  •   Front line supervisors are strongly encouraged to obtain CCHEST
  •   Real-time statistical resources are utilized in decision-making
  •   Labor and management work together to implement proactive field
      safety measures, such as our safety proctor program

Working with STEVENS as your partner, you can be assured that your project will be successfully engineered and designed, from concept to completion, on time and within budget.




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